Abbadia Sicille Relais

A residence of the Sovereign Order of Malta
A magical place
Where history unfolds

Abbadia Sicille is an ancient village in the territory of Trequanda, Province of Siena. It is ideally located on the hills separating the Val di Chiana from the Val d’Orcia, a territory rich in historical and artistic treasures. The village’s ancient origins, dating back to the Etruscan era, are testified by the name Sicille and by some findings. Abbadia Sicille, first house to the Templar Monks then to the Olivetans, became an Abbey around the 11th-century thanks to the Church and the fortified farm The Leopoldina structure of the ancient village’s farmhouse represents the big enlargement of the Abbey in the 18th century.

“Abbadia Sicille Relais” is part of this ancient village. Our accommodations are in the eighteenth-century farmhouse with double loggia, and the rooms have a great view of the picturesque inner cloister. In the village of Abbadia Sicille, there is the Church of Santa Maria in Sicille. The portal is dated back to the year 1263 AD., on its facade, the engravings of the “Crosses of Malta”, the symbol of the Templars, and the Olivetan coat of arms are evidence of its belonging to the ancient monastic orders. Inside the Church, you can admire fifteenth-century frescoes from the Sienese school. The Church of Santa Maria in Sicille is still operating with the celebration of regular Masses and weddings.


The Church of Santa Maria in Sicille

The Church of Santa Maria in Sicille is still operating with the celebration of regular Masses and weddings.
The Santa Maria a Sicille church was built in 1263, as engraved in its facade with regular stone ashlars and the portal architrave surmounted by a pointed arch.
The salients of the hut roof are decorated with jagged brick frames; the bell tower dates back to the 18th- century.

On the architrave there is an inscription enclosed by two crosses of Malta – the ancient symbol of the Templars – while the Olivetan coat of arms surmounts the sight; after the suppression of the Templars Order the Abbey passed to the Olivetan monks.
Inside the church are two 15th–century frescoes representing the Madonna with Child and Saints Piero and Paolo and Paolo and San Girolamo enthroned and the Saints Sebastiano and Benedetto.


Swimming Pool and Jacuzzi

Abbadia Sicille Relais offers its guests the relaxation area where they can relax and refresh themselves while enjoying the peace and tranquillity of the Sienese hills.

This area includes an outdoor swimming pool, a heated Jacuzzi and an exclusive sunbathing area with dedicated gazebos for each suite.


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