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The Church of Santa Maria a Sicille

The church of Santa Maria a Sicille is located on the side of the Abbadia, that in addition to the sunday mass is capable of suiting weddings and celebrations. It was constructed in the year 1263, this is visible from the golden inscribe between two Maltese Crosses on the doors.

Annalists say it was owned by the Benedettini and then later on by the Camaldolesi. Following the XII century it was passed on to the order of The Jerusalemite Knights. It conserves Roman/Gothic characters to this day and it is structured and crafted with beautiful renown Senese architecture. The interior is composed of a rectangular theatre with a trussed roof with two Senese frescos. The first one dates back to the XV century and it depicts the Madonna with her child and the second one depicts the Saints Sebastiano e Benedetto dating back to the XVI century.